Join us in welcoming our daughter Cara Callia Orendain. Born last March 14, 2005, she came into this world at 6.6 lbs - healthy and beaming with joy. This is her blog, written by her parents with her thoughts in mind. She has been a source of their renewed creativity, and hopefully she will someday enjoy reading these to herself.

June 10, 2009

Flower (Power) Girl

Since my Ninang Giselle's wedding last year, I have attended a number of weddings as flower girl.
My most recent walk down the aisle was in Tito Paolo's wedding. Weddings get me excited because I get to dress up like a princess. The dresses are fabulous with their fluffly inner linings that make them balloon like a ball gown. They make me look and feel like a star and everyone seems to want their picture taken with me.
The flowers are sometimes a bit of a hassle though. Whether they come in balls or bouquets or in baskets, I find them a bit too heavy for my little hands.
These were pictures before the entourage marched down the aisle in Tito Paolo's wedding. I started off well, throwing the flowers as I walked down the aisle. But when I saw my dad just a few steps ahead of me (because he was Ninong!), I suddenly had the urge to run to him. So that was the end of my flower girl career. Not such a great flower-giver huh? Oh well, next time, Tito Paolo... in your anniversary?

September 18, 2008

Cool School

Last summer, my parents decided that it was time for me to improve on my social skills and therefor decided to enroll me in a "readiness program" at Creative Learning school. At first I dreaded going to school - what with all these other girls who could hardly talk and just kept dancing all around me. I referred to one classmate by the name of Nathalie a monster - because she was always all over me. I made sure my yaya stayed inside the classroom with me the whole time we had classes. My teacher Christine slowly tried to wean me from my yaya by regular school days, I had learned that school was kind of fun. We sang songs, listened to stories, ate our snacks, but best of all, played with school toys. School is COOL... especially when there's only four of you there.

March 21, 2008

Bohol Adventure

Last August, mom planned a trip for us to go to Bohol and meet some tarsiers. I had been looking forward to riding a plane again, and the thought of going to the beach made it more exciting. Tita Karen and Tito Anjo joined us on this trip although its not their first time to go to Bohol.

We celebrated dad's birthday in Bohol bathing in the sun, taking the river cruise and checking out the bee farm. I really loved looking at the tarsiers.. they're so small and cute, and their heads can turn a full turn. They look fragile though, and some korean tourists kept touching them even if they weren't supposed to be touched.
I hope we can go back to Bohol when I'm a bit bigger so we can stay longer. I'd love to stay in Amorita when we go back. Maybe by that time, my little sister Kelly will already be fit for travel.

May 29, 2007

Finally connected

I know. I know. Its been such a long time, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with me and my parents. Well, after so many firewalls and returned posts, my mom finally decided to get wireless internet at home.
At last, I can post my newest pictures without interruption. Posting here dad's latest sweet picture with me. He just can't get enough of me I tell you!
Looking at this picture, I realize I do look like my dad. Look at the bugsy teeth in front!!
I hope you check out my blog more often nowadays, there will be series of pictures soon.

February 07, 2007

Baguio trip

Hello everyone!!! Sorry for not having any new posts tita Lissa!

Mom and dad have been very busy these past few months and as much as I want them to post all my new pictures, they just can't be hurried.

Posting from my first trip to Baguio with Lola Betty and Ninang Jojie. We went to the Assumption convent and retreat house there. The place was beautiful and they had good food. As you can see, I am happily snacking here with Lola Betty's nun-friend. I forgot her name though.
We stayed in Baguio Country Club and ate to the hilt!!! Super cold and super delicious the food there. Hope we can tag along with Ninang Joji again soon.

October 17, 2006

Grand Time at Hyatt

Dad had a 3-day Employee Engagement Conference in Singapore from September 27-29. He figured that it would be one heavy and serious event so he decided to bring mom and me as his hand carried luggage.

We were billeted at the Grand Hyatt on Orchard Road and Scotts. And that was what it was – GRAND! Our room was big enough for me to run around. It had a king-size bed and fluffy goose feather pillows. There was a huge flat plasma screen TV where I watched my Barney DVDs. Dad thought that there was a better use for an expensive technology other than just watching a purple gay dinosaur prancing around. I know Dad is just jealous. Don’t worry, Dad, I still love you – next to Barney.

I loved the bathroom and the tub of course, where I took a dip at least twice a day – one with mom in the morning and one with dad before bed time. I wouldn’t mid being a duck. I think, they have great life.

What did Mom and I do while dad was attending his conference? Well, we lived the life -- slept as long a we could, took leisurely breakfasts, shopped a little, and waited for Papa while watching Barney on the super duper wide plasma screen TV! We sure had a grand time at the Hyatt!

A Nose for Sale

Mom has an incredible nose for the best sale in town. So even in hip and expensive Singapore, she sniffed out the best deals in town. She swears that the shoes (lots of them) and clothes she carted away are cheaper than their cousins in Manila.

How would Dad know? He wouldn't. Dad's only use during these shopping sprees is to carry Mom's bags. Well, he's really a great and uncomplaining porter -- as long as you feed him well.

A Safari Tour

Hello Singapore!

We touched down at the ultra-modern Changi Airport at around noon time on September 26. Having slept through the 3-hour flight from Manila, I had all the energy to conquer the city.

Safari, our driver from Vacation Asia was already at the arrival section waiting for us hoisting a placard with Dad’s name on it. Yep, you got that right. His name is SAFARI --quite a novelty for one who lives in one of the world's cleanest, safest, and most modern cities.

He’s one cool driver – worked as a Manager for Singapore Airlines for many years and even took a 6-month course at AIM in Makati. He’s retired now and just drives tourists around Singapore.

Well, we did have a taste of a real safari on our second day as we toured Singapore's famous Night Safari. We rode an open tram that rumbled through dense South American and Indian rain forests, the savannahs of Africa and the tropical jungles of Asia.

Am I one lucky kid. Most kids my age only see these animals in their Baby Einstein DVDs. I was within the leaping distance of these growling, snorting, real, live animals -- lions, tigers, elephants, hippos, giraffes, hyenas, zebras, flamingos, rhinos, monkeys. You name any animal from A to Z, I’ve probably growled at them as my dad instructed me to.

La Vida Singapura

Tita Detdet and Tito Jeff have been living “la vida” in Singapore for more than a year now. It’s a great city – super clean, green, and efficient. Imagine, five days in the Lion City and I didn’t hear a single car or bus honking.

The food too is fabulous – a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Continental. I drooled at the succulent prawns at the Chinese restaurant Tita Detdet took us to. And on our last night, we tried the famous Singaporean Chili Crab at a resto by the bay. We also met up with Tita Yvette, another J&J expat and friend of Dad.

Thanks Tita Det and Tito Jeff. I think I need to stay with you for about a month so I’ll finally warm up to you.

Ola! Costa del Sol!

We capped our Singapore adventure by moving into my Tita Detdet’s cool condo at Costa del Sol – an exclusive cluster of classy high-rise apartments. Tita Detdet, Dad’s friend, is a J&J globe trotting expat based in the Lion City. She lives on the 22nd floor and has a fantastic view of Singapore Harbor.

I went gaga over Costa del Sol’s swimming pools -- a 100 meter 8-lane lap pool, a diving pool, an adult leisure pool that’s as big as the ocean and, of course, a sand and pebble kiddie beach-pool. And Oh, it also has a mote hugging the east side cluster. I had a splashing grand time and fought with daddy as he fished me out of the water after an hour because, my fingers and toes were already wrinkled cold.

Tita Detdet & Tito Jeff -- please adopt me . . . and my mom . . . and my dad!